Meet Us

Since 1999, Grace Jewelers has been a very special place to find beautiful jewelry in downtown Black Mountain, North Carolina. The quality of our handcrafted and hand-selected jewelry is only surpassed by that of the reception of every visitor who enters the store. We believe that great service makes a great difference and therefore have a strong policy to always “Greet you at the front door.”
Nathaniel Ruland


Nathaniel Ruland designs the Grace Signature line of hammered finish jewelry offered exclusively at Grace Jewelers. You are experiencing a special occasion today if you are reading this. You are alive. I love life and am grateful for the opportunity to ride its ups and downs. That is my story. I want to transform the every day into a special occasion alongside you while we work together to create the perfect handmade jewelry that tells your story! I love designing and wearing handmade jewelry (each of my pieces has a story…you’ll probably hear them if we work together). My dad, David Ruland, taught me that people love jewelry because jewelry tells the story of people. What story will today tell? Maybe we’ll get a chance to discover that together!

David Ruland


David Ruland was the founding owner of Grace Jewelers. David opened Grace Jewelers in 1999 on West State Street in Black Mountain, NC. David had a certain knack for making each customer feel special and for 20 years he served WNC with custom fine jewelry and affordable jewelry repair. David's ultimate goals were to be a credit to his community and to make every day a special occasion.
Judah Ruland

Judah Ruland is the 3rd generation of Ruland men at Grace Jewelers. He joined our team 1 year ago. Judah enjoys parkour, MineCraft, and hand engraving. He is Nathaniel's right hand man and always ready to assist.

Charlie, The Diamond Dog

Our mini golden doodle, Charlie, joined our team 1 year ago. Charlie, The Diamond Dog, is here to greet you at the front door. Charlie is on the job at Grace part-time to help make every day a special occasion. Feel free to tip him with a biscuit if his service is outstanding.