Meet Us

Since 1999, Grace Jewelers has been a very special place to find beautiful jewelry in downtown Black Mountain, North Carolina. The quality of our handcrafted and hand-selected jewelry is only surpassed by that of the reception of every visitor who enters the store. We believe that great service makes a great difference and therefore have a strong policy to always “Greet you at the front door.”
Meet Us - Nathaniel Ruland Headshot
Nathaniel Ruland

Nathaniel Ruland is our owner and jewelry designer. Nathaniel learned from our founder David Ruland that “Every Day is a Special Occasion”. Today he wants to make that a reality for you!

Meet Us - Judah Ruland
Judah Ruland

Judah Ruland is our reliable and passionate sales associate. His father and grandfather’s love for jewelry has been passed down to him. Judah is dedicated to providing each customer with outstanding service with a smile.
Meet Us - Hawks Ruland
Hawks Ruland

Hawks Ruland is our goldsmith apprentice in training. He is already a skilled engraver and always ready to help. Another third generation Ruland man in the shop is a huge bonus.

Charlie, The Diamond Dog

Our mini golden doodle, Charlie, joined our team 1 year ago. Charlie, The Diamond Dog, is here to greet you at the front door. Charlie is on the job at Grace part-time to help make every day a special occasion. Feel free to tip him with a biscuit if his service is outstanding.

Meet Us - Ruby Ruland

Ruby is Charlie’s little sister. You’ll find Ruby sleeping on Nathaniel’s couch or greeting customers at the front door.